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Thank you for using this search engine, which has been developed so people could easily search Church documents.  It is new, there may be bugs and innacurate results.RgbFrame

Video Tutorial

For short video tutorials on how to use this search engine, click here.


Tick boxes in the search tree to show where you want to search.  Enter the exact word or phrase in the search box and either press Enter, or click the Go button. 

Search results will shortly appear below.

To search for a new word or phrase, just enter it in the search box. 

To change where you want to search, check and uncheck boxes in the scope tree. 

Changing where you want to search.

The scope tree provides an easy way to select where you want to search, i.e. the scope of the search.  The scope tree looks like a list of check boxes for "Bible", Catechism" etc.

If you check a check box in a branch of the scope tree, everything in that section and all its subsections will be searched.  So if you check on "Bible" every part of the Bible will be searched.  However, you may wish to search in only a part of a work.  Next to some check boxes is a + sign.  If you click on this, the tree will open up.  This allows you to check only some of the parts of the tree, such as, for instance, the New Testament.  If you click on the + next to this you have the option of searching only, say, the Gospels.  In this way it is possible to search in particular places, such as section 4 of the Catechism, the letters of St Paul, and the Gospels and the prophet Isaiah.  By specifying where you search you can save yourself from ploughing through lots of unwanted results. Note that if you check "Bible", all the Bible will be searched, no matter what you select beneath it.  By default, the Bible box is checked. Using the power of this search tree you can, for instance search only John's Gospel and the Major Prophets.  It all helps you to find exactly the quote you are looking for.

Getting searches right

Unlike some search engines, if you enter "great joy" the search engine will look for that exact phrase, with the words in that order.  It will not return documents just because they have both words in them somewhere.  Note: there is no need to use quotation marks.

Understanding search results

The search results are intended to provide meaningful extracts, whole sentences, where possible.  The reference and link that follows endeavours to take you as close as possible to where your search phrase appears in the document.  This is not always possible, as not all websites mark paragraphs in such a way that they can be linked to.

Showing more results

A "More Results" button at the bottom of the results list indicates that there are still more results available.  Click this to see them.  To go back to previous pages, simply click the back button on your browser.

Showing the scope tree

The scope tree is the list of check boxes which expands to let you see where you are going to search.  To expand it's branches, click on the + signs.  If you want to hide the tree, click the - box by the word "scope" to collapse the whole tree.  To see more of the tree, click the "+" box next to the word "scope".

Tips for good searching

  • Make sure you have check boxes checked approprately
  • The exact word or phrases you want may not be there: look for a similar word or phrase.
  • Be patient - this project is at an early stage  and needs further work on contents, performance and capability.

Known issues

This project is new - there will bugs, but the site should still prove very useful.

Known bugs include:

  • multiple similar search results
  • some documents not accurately linked to

Thank you!