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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why another search engine?

For theological research, popular search engines do not always give satisfactory results.  This search engine aims to:

  • Only search authoritative church documents
  • Allow you to choose where you search
  • Provide meaningful search results
  • As far as possible provide links from the search results directly to the phrase searched for.

Why are the searches sometimes slow compared to other search engines?

This search engine takes care to ensure that the results it finds really are what you are searching for, and that the excerpts given on the results page are really useful. This can take longer than other search engines, but it saves you time.

Why this translation of the Bible?

The translation used is a modern Catholic translation with good footnotes that is available on the internet. 

How can I provide feedback?

Major bugs are logged automatically.  Feedback can be given using this form.  

Who has developed this?

I am a Catholic, a freelance consultant in theology, science and technology, based in the UK.  This is the site I wish I had had when I was doing my theology degree.

How will this site be developed?

This site will grow to add all authorative Catholic sources, and some other sources, such as Shakespeare.  Functionality will also be developed in all sorts of ways, as well as the removal of bugs (there are bound to be some!).  Development of this site is subject to adequate funding.

How is this site funded?

This site is not funded by any grant, parish, diocese or other sponsor.  It is not done as part of any paid employment (I have none at present).   I need funding to develop this site, add content remove bugs, improve performance etc. Do you know of a diocese, charitable trust or other organisation that could help?

There are numerous improvements that could be made.  Search engines are normally funded by selling search ranking, advertising or statistics.  None of these methods are appropriate for this site, so grants and donations are sought! You can donate online by clicking here

Thank you!