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This is a Christian search engine, searching authorative Christian documents.


The aim of this site is to bring together key authoritative texts so they can be searched from one place.     I hope it will help anyone who wants to grow deeper in their faith.


The content that is searchable is currently restricted to authoritative church documents.  More will be added in time.


This search engine has been developed by me, Peter Berners-Lee, a freelance consultant in theology, science and technology, currently out of work - please pray for me.

How you can help

Please pray that this site will:

There is at the present time no funding for this site.  Funding is necessary for enhancements to be made.   (There is a donations page for online donations).  Do you know of an organisation that could help fund this project?  There are many plans for improving this project, but practical suppport is needed.  You can communicate initially via the feedback page.

Please tell people about this site. E-mail your friends. Get people who have websites to link to this site.


This search engine is new - there will be bugs!


Many thanks are due to all the organisations and individuals which have put these vital documents on the web.  Thanks to my brother, Tim, for giving the world the web.

Thanks be to God who allows us to know him!

Thank you for visiting this site, may God bless you and those whom you serve, as you grow in the knowledge and love of Him.